We have recruited some amazingly talented artists and illustrators for the Faraway Tales project.
Our classic style of storytelling would be nothing without these visionary professionals.

Danger Dean CEO / Director

With a 20 year background in software engineering and a passion for art and storytelling, Danger brings the world of technology to the team. Whether it's web development, video production or programming microcontrollers, Danger can usually be found behind a desk as he continues to pursue the quest of changing the world through storytelling.

Mayhem Claar CEO / Director

Speaker, Disney expert, artist and creator, Mayhem is no stranger to the world of entertainment. Known in industry circles for her work with Mice Chat, Grand Circle Tour Podcast, and her ever-changing hair, Mayhem continues to pursue the quest of changing the world through storytelling.

Nicola Gigante Illustrator

Currently residing in Orlando, Fl, Nicola is a designer and illustrator with a passion for storytelling.

Some of his works include "6 Small Wonders and How to Save Them", a book he illustrated to raise awareness for endangered species as well as a cover for Automobile magazine.

Steve Feicht Illustrator

Steve Feicht brings his extensive design experience to the Faraway Tales. From working as a show designer for The Walt Disney Company, to developing innovative properties for Marvel, Nickelodeon, Universal and Hasbro, Steve's art is in a class of its own.

Behn Merabiani Illustrator

Graduated from Woodbury University with a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts and Animation, Behnam is a highly talented artist with working experience in storyboarding, illustration and animation. Some of his works include Jettisoned and Social Media Cleanse.

Kelly Bailey Illustrator

Kelly is a storyteller who uses history and visual art to create sensitive, experiential programming that amplifies the impact of narrative for her audience. After a career teaching, coaching, and travelling the world with young people, she has developed methods that enhance the inherent curiosity of people throughout all stages of human cognitive development.